Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2 identical JPEG files even with RAW + JPEG setting

I was pretty disappointed as the pictures taken during hubby's birthday were blurred due to not enough source of light. At first i was still thought that i could process the RAW files so that i could get more pretty looking photos. How's wrong to have such a silly thought!

The previous firmware in my Canon EOS450D was not updated enough, as i was still using version 1.0.4 before i got mine updated to version 1.0.9. I had been searching hi and lo in the internet for some useful solutions, as i simply couldn't understand why i couldn't see any RAW files but 2 identical JPEG files if i had chosen RAW + JPEG setting. It supposed to have one CR2 file and one JPEG file. Mine just freaked. Then only i managed to know that is the 4G SDHC card problem, which is not supported to be used by my previous card reader due to the old version of driver. As for my 2G SD card, it goes well to save both RAW + JPEG file.

Now the problem has been solved, i actually didn't update any driver for my Acer notebook, simply bought another card reader which it can support SDHC card. But i wonder how can i have RAW + JPEG files if i download the images directly from the camera although i have updated the firmware to latest version. Should i really update some drivers for my notebook in order to get both RAW + JPEG files?

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