Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Craving for blueberry cake

I have been thinking to call my landlord, but i kept procrastinating the call day after day. I would like to ask him to add in more furniture and electronic appliance, like book shelf, wardrobe and oven. I wish i had oven all the while, but i didn't spend on my own since this is not my house and it's impossible for me to bring back the oven to MY one day in future. I am very keen to practice my baking skill lately, which the skill seems has been rusting. I think i better give him a call later as i really want to bake a blueberry cake for myself, i have been craving blueberry cake for quite a long while and i cannot wait anymore. Hubby even jokingly said to me perhaps i could think of getting myself the Blackberry plants, so i could have never ending supply of blueberries. Don't you think that it's a good ideal?

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