Thursday, May 10, 2007

24 hours just not enough for me!

I just feel like 24 hours a day really seems not enough for me.


  • do the laundry before the maid comes
  • hang the clothes if my maid comes in evening
  • boil the soup and prepare vege/meat for lunch
  • clean up Jo's toys
  • entertaining Jo
  • downloading some scrapbooking feebies
  • blogs hopping
  • earn money from blogging


  • cook lunch
  • feeding Jo
  • clean the kitchen
  • bath Jo
  • blogs hopping
  • reading to Jo/playing with Jo before sleeping
  • Take nap (it gone my another 2 hours)


  • blogs hopping
  • earn money from blogging


  • go out for dinner
  • entertaining my hubby and Jo
  • clean up some messes that caused by two Mr.LAIs
  • earn money from blogging
  • update my blog
  • bring Jo to bed

I just wish i can have more time to do my own things. I know, i have been using too much of my time spending in front of computer. But, this is my style, i used to sit in front of computer since year 1998. I sat more longer in those days too when i was still a programmer. Anyway, i make sure myself switch off all the lights before 12am.