Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Child Education

I am trying to learn how to teach my son, his teacher complained he is very weak in learning and writing. I admit that we seldom put effort on him since his brother was born. The little baby takes all of my time, and i totally do not have enough time to coach my elder boy in learning as well as writing. He turns 4 next month, but he still doesn't know how to write simple numbers from 0 to 10 though he is able to count verbally. His teacher suggested me to transfer him to K1 rather than let him joining K2 class as K2 class seems a tad difficult to him.

I would like to listen some different suggestions, should i just transfer him to K1 or just let him in K2 now and repeat the K2 class again next semester, will the class repetition waste his time? I actually suspected my boy is a smart boy, he is just trying to act opposite and not willing to listen from teachers. Anyway, i still need to find out a solution for him as i can't let him be the way he used to be now, it will only spoil him. I know how weak of him compares to his peers, but what to do since he used to learn in English previously, but now suddenly changed him into Mandarin.

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