Friday, February 22, 2008

Edison Chen's sex scandal & press conference

The telly programme here had just broadcasted the press conference that held by Edison Chen. Of late, Edison Chen's sex scandal has been racily discussing by people, so does our netizens exchanging our views through MSN. And, i believe most of the people were not only told by this racy scandal but even had taken a look on those juicy naked pictures. Don't you admit?

I just can't sit on the fence and not voice out anything. I really have something to say to the one who released out the pictures that circulating on the internet, if you feel like you're a hero that able to let everyone chasing to know the follow up sex scandal, sorry, i won't agree. I just hope next time you can think of the consequences before you digging out people privacy. I assumed that maybe you do not like Edison, but please think of those victims. Well, maybe i should not claim those victims as victims, as some of the posts on internet said those ladies were pleasantly enjoyed during the process by looking on their faces, well, if this turn to you, i bet you would also enjoy, and i bet you also do not like you naked pictures can be shared by others, so, so does Edison and those ladies.

Hey guy, do you know that you actually against the rules by releasing those pictures? Haha...i think you know it since the news has been broadcasting it. I pray that Bobo Chen is recovered, rumour said that her wedding has been canceled and her dream of entering to wealthy family had been bubbled, and i also pray that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's marriage can grow into another stage after this incident. No one knows whether Cecilia Cheung was two-timing Nicholas or not when they were dating, i just hope this incident will not ruin their marriage and hurt their son.

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L B said...

Wah, long time never see you so long-winded!! :-) Good good! I like..
As regards everyone else who has thrilled to something so spicy to juice up their lives, may you live to never have to deal personally with such 'notoriety' & infamy, yeah?