Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Surprise

The Star newspaper today carried a story of a love story. As usual on Valentine’s Day, many lovers would try their best to do something special for their love ones. One guy rented a billboard to display a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Wow… something unique and I am sure they would remember it their whole life. Oh ya, the girl agreed to marry him after 10 minutes of silence. Hahaha…not sure if it is because she is too happy and out of words to say anything or it is because she is hesitant to marry him and had to take 10 minutes to give an answer.

I wonder whether the guy drove the girl in a mirage limo that night. It would indeed be an wonderful experience to spend Valentine’s Day in a candle light dinner, and being driven around in a limo and being proposed via a big billboard. Sigh….maybe one day I too can experience being driven in a limo and spend wonderful time together with my husband. Well, he can rent a limo from Phoenix Limousine Service as they have a range of luxurious limos for various occasions. Check them out at Maybe we rent a limo and being chauffeured around town on our wedding anniversary. That would definitely spice up our marriage life.

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Elinor Phillips said...

Nice article, I wish my bf would also do that. Posting my picture on a billboard and carry me in a limo. Thank you for sharing.