Friday, February 29, 2008

China Manufacturers

This time back to Sabah, i noticed the economic of Sabah has been improving a lot than last year. Last year, the market/shopping malls seemed so quiet as less people did their crazy shopping even the Chinese New Year was just near the corner. However, this year the situation was totally different, not mentioned those new open franchise business like Big Apple Donut, the boutiques in Warisan were just boomed in very short period.

One of my friend even resigned her good payout job and started her boutique business in Warisan. Actually i was really in doubt as could she earn enough by opening a business that she's not so familiar with? I also wondered where her stocks came from, i was initially thought those were from Japan and Korea, but no, as most of her stocks were from China Manufacturers. I just could not believe as "Made In China" stuffs have always been rated as low graded stuffs, but now, as i had seen, the quality of the products are quite good, seemed like China's products have been improving massively.

Looking at my friend's business, i also feel like opening a boutique. I just like the feel to be an own boss.

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