Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Waiting for the bonus

Hubby has not got his bonus till today, he may know it how many months of bonus he will have by this month end. Last December he had already got one bonus, everyone including himself also has curiosity about this bonus. Perhaps the bonus will be more than last year or lesser, he has been planning how to use the money though he has not received any news.

Other than settling the current mortgage loan, he has been thinking to use the leftover money to buy the Toyota Fortuna and perhaps to invest into a shop-lot. All the while he wants to purchase a shop-lot which the place is famous believed that will be blossomed to a city. And, we are planning to have vacation to Japan this coming July, so i just hope the bonus he gets will be enough for all the plans. If the bonus is lesser than last year, maybe it only enough for settling the mortgage loan.

People in management level are always luckier than those non-management levels, they do not get good increment and do not receive bonus from company. Some might even need payday cash loans for celebrating lunar new year. That's why i am thankful and appreciated what i have currently had.

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