Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get the credit card applied

I wonder how to use the RMB1000 now, ok, don't misunderstand, the money is not given by my man nor my money. Just the reward card that given by banker, actually, a thousand is not enough for me to spend on branded things. I told my hubby that maybe we just use the money for grocery or some clothes for my baby boy. Be frankly speaking, i really don't like to shop in local malls, the reason being is local malls here are not accepted foreigner credit cards. So, i think i better persuade my hubby to get one local credit card for me as soon as possible. Well, if you also think of having Credit Card Applications, then don't forget to hop over to CreditCardSearchEngine dot com, at there, you are able to search for your desired credit card which can suit you the most. The site even handily for you to compare, decide and apply. Do check it out.

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