Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Study again?

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After graduated for 7 years, i suddenly feel like taking a course for self improvement, the technology has been changed so much, so i think what i had learned last time just cannot beat of current technology. Those time i was still using Macromedia Director 5.0, now it is boomed into Macromedia Director 11, so don't you think that now actually a time for me to catch up what i have been missing? However, it is not easy for me to study again since i have 2 kids to keep on eyes. Friend suggested to me that i can have online study, the famous Capella University is current only online college accreditation by CACREP that offers graduate degree programs in business, IT, education, public safety, psychology and human services. Maybe i really can consider to opt this Capella online university, but most importantly is my hubby willing to pay the fees.

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L B said...

Still very lazy to update.. Will do one first thing Saturday morning..