Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My time also precious

I want to finish all my pending posts before 4pm, but now i feel very tired to continue writing and thinking. I have so many distractions here that lead me can't sit properly to type. One very irritating guy asked me to help him this and that, he said he was not free to do that but my time also precious since i still have a little baby to look after. Every information can be found easily over the internet, i just scratch my head why he couldn't search the information by himself. Is the information will be more valuable if it is doing by other people? Please don't take advantage, ok?

1 comment:

L B said...

You have such a busy life, looking after your sons, and writing all your PPs.. summore have to cope with leeches! Hurry come to Italy. I will be your FOC guide..