Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fine Art Storage

I simply love art though most of the time i just can't draw nicely. But this does not mean that i do not have the ability to judge which artwork is nicer and which is not. My man said our house is too plain, actually i also felt the same. So i think some art frames will magically change the look of living hall.

I surfed through the internet and found some nice fine artworks from
Fine Art Storage, even my boy loves the arts that displayed at it. So i just ordered them without second thoughts since the prices are quite reasonable as well. But now the question is where should i hang the frame at, in the living hall or in our master bedroom. The living hall is shared with in-laws, so i told my man that maybe we just hang them in our bedroom as i know my MIL doesn't like anything to hang in the living hall, especially the things that chosen by me, you know, that's including food as well.

I wish to go back to China as soon as possible, here is not my territory and i just can't find my happiness here. Just keep the fingers and toes crossed...

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