Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fun in Melinsung

We went to beach on last Sunday, it was first time for us visiting the new beach in Melinsung, Papar. The beach is nice, at least more cleaner than the other beach that i used to go when i was young. My friend has a studio house in Melinsung, since everyone was back for lunar new year celebration, so we just off to Melinsung once we received the invitation call from my friend. That's an extemporaneoraus decision and that's why we did not prepare anything to beach. No clothes for changing after swimming and no foods for hungry tummy. Anyway, it was a fun trip to beach.

Beach for me actually just a normal place since i was staying nearby the beach when i was young. I could go to beach whenever i was in the mood to go. However, beach is a unfamiliar place for my kids as the place we are staying now is far away from beach. My elder boy loves to build sand castle, of course he loves to run freely along the seashore other than dipping himself wet into the "salty" seawater. Whereas my little baby, he truly enjoyed the new introduced environment and kept smiling to everyone who even just gave him a glance.

It had been quite a while since we last met, that's explain we ladies were all busy chatting while the men were playing beach volleyball there. One of my friend even brought two
Soccer Balls so that they could play soccer right after they finished playing the volleyball. But everyone was so exhausted after the volleyball, you know, sand volleyball is always much more tired than playing court volleyball. So the men just went back to apartment after the volleyball time.

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