Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Present for him

Valentine's day is around the corner, that's will be a busy day for us as my hubby's cousin is getting married on that day too. Now i wonder should i go for his dinner or we just have our own Valentine's celebration as planned. It has been an ages since we last celebrating together, i actually also have forgotten when was our last celebration. That's why i am quite concerned our plan this year.

Hubby affirmed that we will have grand celebration this year even though the day we have another occasion to go. How grand can it be? Don't tell me we are celebrating on morning and go for dinner at night, what i want to have is Valentine's dinner and not Valentine's lunch. I have already prepared the
Baseball Gloves as the Valentine's gift for him, but i only plan to present the gift to him during the candles night dinner.

Sometimes i just wonder why people like to choose Valentine's day as their wedding day, truth be told that the day is easy to remember but it is indirectly affected my plan as well. I don't care now, i will insist hubby to celebrate the day with me and my boys, i won't give in this time as i am so hate to give in everytime. This time i must really think of myself rather than thinking of others.

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