Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dance learning

There are a lot of efficient methods to shed off extra body fats, personally i won't advocate diet pills as i keep believing that diet pills have hidden side effects. Perhaps we can think of healthy way to keep our body fit like involving in physical exercise, e.g, dancing.

Dancing can bring pleasure to you as well as making you more smarter and alert. Dancing is good for your emotional changes like reduce your stress and even some research believed dancing can ward off Alzheimer's disease. As for me, i like dancing is simply because my man likes to see his wife dance. :)

Love to dance and able to dance are difference, as i have mentioned before, i like dancing but i just do not know how to dance. So a proper learning is a must for me in order to please my man. The dancing school here actually is a tad unprofessional, i don't think i can learn my jazz well if i continue learning from them. I have been joining the class for more than 2 months, but i am still can't dance smoothly. I guess the situation will be totally different if only here has Scottsdale Dance Studio, i was told that the Scottsdale Dance Lessons are simply like custom made lessons for dance fanatics. I have checked out the, i was so impressed when i first read on their site. I guess i will become a wonderful dancer provided i have chance to learn from them.


Anonymous said...

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Elinor Phillips said...

Now a days, there are lots of dance studio out there. But as far as i know, they have different techniques. It's up to you what studio you are willing to enroll.