Friday, February 29, 2008

Europark 'Full Of Shit' Challenge

Looking for car park is headache, paying car park ticket can as headache as looking for carpark space. Now, with the revolutionary of technology, paying car park ticket can make easier with EUROPARK Parking Card. Have you ever heard of this EUROPARK Parking Card? This EUROPARK card allows you to test automated pay and display parking machines to make sure they are working and printing out tickets without risking your money or credit card information. In other word, it is served as a test card which you can simply place into the credit card slot of any automated pay and display parking machine.

It's always had the credit card fraud, the parking machines can simply capture your credit card information, that's why there are a lot of people have been protesting to use parking machine. Some machines even not printed out the parking tickets for them. Due to this machine of credit card fraud, an EUROPARK parking card is totally anonymous to identity and financial gain, that can leave you in stress free and hence to protect your money.

However, not everyone could accept this EUROPARK Parking Card, like the lady in Australia claimed that this EUROPARK Parking Card is just full of shit. Therefore, the EUROPARK company decided to have Europark 'Full Of Shit' Challenge to challenge her. The lady was dare to take the challenge and finally admitted the efficient of this EUROPARK Parking Card and not full of shit anymore. For more information of this challenge, you can check out at

So, if you are keen to get your EUROPARK Parking Card too, do contact them. The card can simplify your parking life.

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