Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Save for rainy days

I guess not everyone has his/her insurance bought, just like the case of my friend, he is 35 years old now but he has never thought of buying insurance for himself as his current company has insured one global insurance for him. However, i always feel like more secure if i myself has own insurance policy on hand instead of fully depend on company. Just think, what will happen if you want to quit the company, does the insurance still cover you even though you have left the company?

Buying an insurance always a long term money investment, that's why certain considerations must be taken place before you sign your policy. A good insurance does cover your critical illnesses, disabilities as well as a good lump sum of money return. In other word, you can treat insurance as your saving account as well provided the insurance your bought has this sort of mention. Personally, i like this kind of saving plan as i am not a disciplined person who would fill the tummy of the piggy-bank diligently every month, so the insurance i hold have been indirectly helping me to save my money. You know, save for rainy days is always a must especially i have 2 kids now.

Having said so, i believe a lot of people would just be confused about their policies, some might don't know what their insurance could cover them. So, you better check the insurance before you buying it, remember, pay the
affordable insurance that worth for you rather than paying an expensive money but without knowing what the insurance can protect you. And, don't just simply believe the word of mouth from others, buying insurance does need your own attention as only you know what is the best for yourself. Choose properly can always benefit you, reap the benefit of insurance today by checking out the site.

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