Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not a good idea to have crystal nails done

Look at my crystal nail, yeah, it's broken and the broken nail badly hurt me as it's bleeding. Hubby joked to me whether i will still fancy to do crystal nails or not, i can tell you explicitly here, i will not do any crystal nail again. It even took more than 3 hours to remove all the crystal nails, and the manicurist hurt my fingers too. Gosh, it really not a good experience. Lesson learned!


mistipurple said...

painful eeks. blow cool air to nail bed to soothe. :)
thanks for your wishes!

L B said...

Awww... what a pity! :-) Nevermind, your fingernails already pretty enough.

msaufong said...

aiyo..look really painful could it broken like that keh? so terrible ler..

Anonymous said...

wow how did that happen? mine broke too but it didn't hurt me as my original nail was kinda short..

so how much was the charges? they wanted to charge me RMB150 but I opted for the cheaper on without the extra flowers & diamantes at RMB100