Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Addiction to drug

I have popped a lot of medicine lately, especially the Zyrtec. I know that's not good to take that much of medicine and some more i am still breastfeeding my baby. But, what to do? I have terribly itchy over my body, and the itchiness just make me couldn't have peaceful sleep at night. If i don't take the Zyrtec, then i will look like zombie the next morning due to deprive of sleep. Even my hubby has made noise about i am overly taking the Zyrtec. Aside from Zyrtec, i take pain killer as well, as i just can't stand my arthritis pain.

I need more physical and mentally help, first, i want to cure my body allergy, so that i can keep away from medicine. I definitely need a healthy body to make myself sane and take care of my family especially my kids. That's explain why i said i need a help. Friend of mine very kind to me, and i knew that she really put her effort to look for this suboxone detox for me. Suboxone detox is a combination of two drugs that used for treating opiate addiction, in short, it is used to break the dependency upon opiates and narcotic drug use.

I am quite keen to join their treatment, but what a waste i am not staying there, anyway, i will try to look for similar treatment here. Just wish me good luck. :)

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caleb said...

As i got to know that u been going though hell with your terrible itchy. so as a friend of your suggested to have suboxone detox which, really helpful to get read of all the problems which, your facing now.. please take time out to get treatment and have a good enjoyable life with your family....
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