Monday, November 26, 2007

Eyeing a new share

Hubby is very interested in the recent stock market, aside from the hot share "Alibaba", he now eyeing on "Cathay Pac Air". Actually i am quite opposed to invest money in aggressive stock market although their returns have always been attracting to me. If i were him, i would prefer to invest my money in mutual fund and bond instead of share, at least these 2 are lesser risks than share.

Share threats people indeed, a lot of people faced Bankruptcy due to overly buying shares, and the worst is some bankruptcy cases would lead to broken family too. Although you can generate high profits from stock market, it's always another way round if you don't know how to control youself in buying shares. I have an uncle who is declared a bankrupt was due to crazily addict to shares last time. And, that's explain, why the toll of bankruptcies is rising everyday.

Bankruptcy is not a fun practise, so try to avoid yourself fall into this trap, do look for Debt Advice when you found yourself have financial difficulties as it has never been too late to seek help from financial expert.

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