Monday, November 19, 2007

He spoilt the camcorder battery

I don't own camcorder, that's why that day i borrowed one camcorder from my friend as i needed it on my sister's graduation ceremony. My friend has the Sony DCR-SR42, i love it very much and has been thinking to buy one for myself. Of course, i won't use my money and will urge my hubby pays it for me. :) While i was showing my interest on this Sony DCR, hubby just acted opposite and he even said "what for to hold a camcorder since you are already have a digital camera?". Sigh, my man was commented discontentedly about my plan of having camcorder. Never mind, he can't escape to pay for me since Christmas is just around the corner.

Well, back to the story of borrowing my friend's camcorder, i know it is my fault as i didn't put the camcorder properly and let my boy had a chance to play with the camcorder battery. Do you know how mischief of him? Gosh, he spoilt my friend's camcorder battery as he threw it from upstair to downstair, gosh, i have to buy another battery for the camcorder, if not, how to confront my friend again?

I had spent a whole morning yesterday and finally found a great website that selling a lot of camcorder batteries and video camera batteries, besides, they have developed a camcorder battery finder tool that will guide people in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for their camcorder. I finally found the battery for my friend's camcorder, somemore, i can get my 25% off if i send the old battery for them.

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