Saturday, November 17, 2007

Company trip...finally

During my 3 years working as a cheapskate programmer, i could tell you explicitly here, my ex-company never paid us any company trip though my ex-boss used to say he would like to organize one pleasant trip to his staffs. Company facing financial difficulty was just an excuses for us, even the account staff was accidentally revealed how profitable of company had been achieved. That's why, this ex-boss had been accused of acting dishonestly in front of us.

Hubby was much more luckier than me, he had plenty of chances to go for traveling during his service at MNC, see, that's the different between MNC and local company. Actually, it is not weird to see how local company retained their right for not allowing their staffs to have company trip. Some more, my ex-boss is a typical C-H-I-N-A man, this kind of person usually concentrates on profit more than having good conversant with his employees.

Recently, i was told that by my ex-colleague that my ex-company is going to have a company trip on the coming Christmas, honestly, i was initially thought that i heard the sentence wrong since i really couldn't convince myself that my ex-colleague was talking about how kindness of my ex-boss. Perhaps he knew how important to fulfil what he used to say, or, perhaps he knew certain spending would definitely benefit his business. Think of having high efficiency employees, undoubtedly, he must know how to give in then only he can reap.
Now, i just stare green with envy as they will be going to Tokyo, woo, that's cool, some more they can go for skiing, visiting to those famous and tranquil temples as well as the pleasant perfumed gardens. Be frankly, i have been somewhat suspected if this a truth though my ex-colleague had convinced me by showing her flight ticket. I was even told that this trip was fully organized by my ex-boss and heard that he got the enticing corporate packages from htoa where the site offers more than 40 thrilling vacation odysseys of holiday adventures land, sea and air. Oh, gosh, i just couldn't believe my ex-boss even could surf net and found this great website!


L B said...

I couldn't decide if this was a paid post, or a real post! So to be safe, I better comment, and say Good night to you too :-) Go oi oi!!

Odysseus said...

That chinaman boss can be so smart liao ah?

Anonymous said...

I work with, Holiday Travel of America. Funny...
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