Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mental Block

So sleepy, so tired, but money still motivates me to blog more for ti-ga-P, don't know today is what day as i saw so many opps from this ti-ga-P, so just tell me how to stop for not grabbing them. Though is not a high paid post, acceptable to have $5 for 50w, right? My brain like can't function now, some more my background is just so noisy with the telly sound, maid's and my mum's voice. I just hope i can have peaceful and quiet environment to finish my post, so that i can go oi oi before baby wakes up.


khai khee said...

lucky u.. i not so lucky..everytime i refresh a;; already grey in color..haishh

L B said...

You really must rest more.. so your mind is more alert, and your body strong..

I am Princess Misha's mum said...

aiks ... u better rest lor