Thursday, November 29, 2007

We need a new TV

Yeah, our Xbox is finally back in action, but the Xbox actually not in very good condition after sent it to repair. Hubby was quite angry with that technician, but what to do, this in fact is as what we had predicted, so, it's not weird to see the dirty marks and scratches on the casing box. Since the Xbox is finally fixed, hubby is thinking to buy samsung 56 inch LCD too, so that he can has clear pictures displayed while playing his Xbox games. Be frankly, 56 inch is too big for our small apartment, as for me, i would prefer to take the 46 inch, like the one show in Krillion dot com. Actually there are huge selections of televisions at Krillion, hubby really can hop to the website and search for the ideal TV for our house. Some more, the Krillion Localization Engine can help people to sort out the aiming product and tell where to buy it. I really prefer to get all the information ready from online before heading to the shop.

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