Friday, November 16, 2007

Semi solid for Elijah

I let Elijah started on semi-solid on 13/11, though little baby is not recommended to start solid at 4 months old, Elijah's case was slightly different as he doesn't like milk, so doctor advised me to start semi-solid on him, if not, he might not get the nutritions that he needed. What a shock that Elijah loves the Nestle Brown Rice cereal very much, he could swallow the cereal very well (2 scoops of Enfalac and 4 scoops of cereal) and he even cried for more after finished the first bowl. And, he loves his milk very much if i mix some cereal in his Enfalac. However, i still breastfeed him as long as i can. Just hope my milk supply can satisfy him and make him more healthier. :)

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mommy of 2 angels said...

ya i also was worried about this when i did tat for my 2 girls but they were "ready" best to follow own instinct ya! mommy know best la.