Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas mood is here

I just love Christmas, for me, Christmas is always a big celebration than Chinese New Year. Now, it's an ideal time to shop for Christmas..

As a chic and trendy person, the most embarrassing moment is wearing the same clothes with others, especially stranger. That's why when i shop for fashionable clothes, i would prefer to shop online rather than shopping to mall. Of course, i do like to go to the mall once in a blue moon so that i can splurge my new bought clothes to public. :)

Last year during this time, i didn't bought any winter clothes, but this year, i have been buying the winter clothes crazily. Please, don't ask me why, i just want to spend, especially want to spend my hubby's money.
See this Collar Plaid Coat, kawaii or not? Last time i used to buy a lot of black and gray color clothes, but now, i think i just need more bright colors to expose my natural beauty. Like what hubby said, i am still young, so better not opt for black and gray, these 2 colors would only make me look more older. Quite correct indeed..

And, how about this Zigzag Rainbow Stripe Sweater?
I am tall, so i guess i will best match it. :)Actually, there are quite a lot of Korean and Japanese Dodostyle fashion at YesStyle dot com. You can check the site out if you want to look adorable and cuteness as those Korean and Japanese pretty dolls. Other than dodostyle clothing, you also can find jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, innerwear and gift at their site.

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Hazel said...

the clothes is pretty n fashionable. so, how about the price?