Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alibaba bought me blazing jewellery

If you are stock buyer then you might know how powerful of this Alibaba on these days. Well, i am not going to share you more on this Alibaba, but, i just wanted to tell you how this Alibaba brought a Silver Jewellery for me. This stock soared from HK$13 to HK$39, if you are very good in counting, the maybe you can roughly know how much did my hubby earn from this Alibaba. :)

In fact, hubby has always wanted to buy a jewellery for me, but the plan was kept on delaying due to our previous financial status, now, it is an ideal time to buy those luxe jewellery for me by using the extra money reaped from Alibaba, muaks...that's why i really have to say my thanks to Alibaba. Because of Alibaba, i have chance to get my dream Silver Jewellery from Astley Clarke. I simply love the jewellery from Astley Clarke due to their uniqueness, and the most importantly, you won't find their products anywhere else other than at Astley Clarke. This just made me felt like i was a celebrity who wears in uniqueness and nobody has the same as me.

Now, i am wondering what should i buy if this Alibaba soars more further? Maybe i can think of getting Gold Jewellery for my mother too. Well, i know you would think i am bad as i use hubby's money for buying jewellery for my mother, but i hope you can understand this "What's mine is mine and what's him is mine". So, please don't have negative thoughts on me, i in fact a very nice lady!

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