Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Online Recipes Portal

Thinking to buy a set of cookbooks just now while i was wandering around the book store, ended up i put them back to shelf as i really didn't have heart to spend again. This month income has dropped and i had been overly spending last 2 weeks, so, it's really not so wise to spend again. Though i just love those cookbooks so much...

Actually, i don't like to cook as i just hate to clean the greasy after cooking, but what to do, as a wife and a mother, i have to cook for my family. Since cooking is not my hobby, that's why i have always been running out of ideas. And, due to this reason, i need more Recipes in order to diversify my dishes. Like what old people said, the better you cook, the frequent your hubby stay at home. Honestly, i really don't care whether he spends his time in front of the telly or spends his time to play Xbox, i would feel extremely contented as long as he is at home.

Well, don't just talk about my hubby as my kids are my throne too, so i definitely need Cake Recipes to bake more cakes for my boys. Baking cake for them is not only feed their hunger, as the cake inside has been embraced my love towards them too. Recipes are important for ladies, somehow i felt like it is as important as having diamond in your ring finger. :)

Ok, let's search to MyDish, see whether i can find the recipe for making Mango Layer Cake or not? Below is the one i currently crazily craving for :


L B said...

Oh, that looks very delicious to me too!!!

PapaJoneh said...

Interesting indeed. I think I also wanna show my family recipe..kekeke.