Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Internet changes our life

I laud the internet as with internet, it really simplifies a lot of things, for instances -
- Thinking to renew your driving license? Well, your driving license can be done in a flash with few clicks of your mouse.
- Thinking to do online banking? Well, login to the banks and your bank transactions can be done easily without personal visiting to the counter.
- Thinking to look for a cheap vacation package? Well, there are thousands of websites available for you to dig out the information you are wanted as long as your pc connected to internet.
- Thinking to be a shopping queen? Well, as long as you have credit card, then shop online will be another breeze for you.

But, do you realize that internet is another trap for you to spend more and more without realizing though we just can't reject the benefits of internet? I don't know you, as for myself, i like to shop online as it is just so convenience for a lady who doesn't has her own transport and staying at strange and foreign country. I admitted recently i was over spent my money due to i found a great site to shop for branded kids' clothes like Oshkosh, Guess and Hallmark Baby. What to do, as a mother, i just like to give the best to my kids. :) That's why my hubby has been making noise that he is going to stop my credit card.

Hubby has excellent credit background, so he doesn't need any Payday Loan, some more he's from financial background, that's why he is pretty calculative when comes to money. I am thankful that we don't need any loan, but my BIL is just so unlucky and he is going to take Online Loan to settle his financial problem.

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