Thursday, November 29, 2007

My maid

My maid is came from northern part, that's why what she cooks is pretty different than those southern people. So far what she cooked still edible, but yesterday when i asked her to boil "sai-yong-coi soup", she ended up boiling "sai-yong-coi leong cha", she dumped more than 10 biji of sweet-dates to boil the soup, gosh, normally, it just needs 3 or 4 biji, maybe she didn't know how to boil this soup since northern people seldom drink soup. And, she never cut the vege, she would just fry the vege like what its as, so everytime i have to eat the vege by opening my mouth in big big "o" shape. Luckily i cin-cai la, if my MIL is in here, sure she will lecture her.

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