Sunday, November 25, 2007

Debts has ruined him

What a waste for a father couldn't board the plane to Australia and be a witness on the memorable moment about his daughter getting her graduation certificate. Both father and daughter were sad, daughter hoped her father could attend her graduation ceremony but her father just couldn't get his passport due to the debts of income tax. That's actually quite common in our society, and i have been seeing there are quite a lot of people escape their responsibility to pay the tax. That's really not a good practice.

Actually i was talking about my uncle, he was actually had quite a wealthy family based before he was accused by bankruptcy, but he just didn't know how to make use of his money as he was addicted to gambling. In one Chinese famous phrase, you would loss 9 times out of 10 times of gambling, that's why this uncle had gradually lost his money on poker table. Gambling was not the only one, as he had a lot of outstanding credit cards payment too. Undoubtedly, bankruptcy was the last resort. Fortunately, her daughter still able to study aboard in Australia as she got the scholarship from one private company.

Perhaps, the bankruptcy won't be happened if he knew how to get Debt Advice and Debt Help from expert. But, he has chosen his own way, what to do? So, please don't gamble, as it will ruin your family as well as taken all of your money.

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