Thursday, November 22, 2007

Proper Dental Care

Visiting to dentist is the phobia for most of the people, don't just blame your child for not following you to dentist, as i know, even adult has probia for visiting dentist. I was lucky enough as i never pay a visit to dentist due to i have a set of pretty nice looking teeth, and i even had won a teeth certificate when i was about 8. The teeth certificate is used to justify i have strong and healthy teeth, unbelievable? :)

My hubby is just opposite than me, as his teeth are very fragile and this driven him to have more visit to dentist. Tell you secretly here, hubby just hates to visit dentist as he was like a little kid who would develop fear whenever he heard the word "dentist", so don't say further about the machine sounds and the scaring injection to the gum. Genetic affects teeth growing too, that's why i really hope my boys will alike me instead of alike my hubby. You know, bringing kids to dentist could be a huge disaster, that's why i have been starting some simple rules to my elder boy, these rules just trying to help him to keep away of being sweet tooth.

Oral care should be implemented since young, in order to teach your kids how to brush their teeth, you should bring them to dentist at least once a year. A good oral care can benefit them and make them be more confident to show their smile to others. TMJ dentist in NYC is the ideal dentist that you can choose to visit, as they can provide comprehensive approach with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic services that assess the entire system of teeth, jaw, joints and muscles to assure they are working in harmony.

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