Monday, December 31, 2007

2 bowls of cereal

If you think i am an experienced mother, then you are wrong as i definitely not a good mother though i have 2 kids. Sometimes i do need more parenting information in order to well upbringing my kids. Like recently, my little baby used to cry a lot at night, be frankly, i do lose my patient. And, i really don't know why he cries, is he felt hungry or is he felt cold? He takes twice cereal a day, i increased one more time to him as i hope he can sleep more comfortably at night, but i am just wondering will 2 times of cereal per day consider overly to a 5+ months old baby? I hope Lilaguide dot com can help me to solve my puzzle, it is a site that has real parent reviews, i just guess there are some parents might have the same doubts as me.

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Ashton Lynn said...

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