Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter Solstice dinner

Another mouth-watering post again! What to do, now is a holiday season, so i bet you can read a lot of food posts these days from other blogs too! :)

We had our Winter Solstice dinner in the classy Chinese restaurant last Saturday, that's an expensive Chinese foods that i have ever paid for celebrating this so-called greatest day which the day believes is greater than Chinese New Year. Winter Solstice day symbolizes as reunion day for a family, and is a day where all the family members must sit around the dining table together for dinner as well as having a bowl of hot dumpling soup. In Chinese Society, we call it "tong yun" which means union, that's why "tong yun" must knead into round shape. That's always had profound meaning in Chinese Society. :)

Below were the dishes that we ordered : -

As for the roasted pigeon, the waiter said it is good to take it during Winter as it can warmth our body so that we won't get the cold easily. As for the soup, it has a lot of precious herbs inside which also believe can warmth the body as well as nourishing the body. The soup is suitable for lady, the more you take the more pinkish complexion you will have. That's why ended up you can see the soup being served on my table. Lady being lady, i won't let go any chance to give myself a good treat.

As for my hubby, he is more western style who is not believed those Chinese taboo sayings, he even said that herbs are raw and definitely not good for consuming. That's why during my pregnancy, i seldom took any herbs as my hubby believed that the herbs are too raw for consumptions. And most of the time, i would search the medicine information on internet before i took it. Sometimes i would ask for opinion from my cousin too, who is graduated from a fine medical university in US, and he is quite an experienced doctor now who has been attended a lot of special medical assistant training programs. My cousin is quite a hardworking man, even now he still interested on those medical assistant programs which provided by medical assistant schools. Like what he said, the more he learns and trains, the more experiences he can gain.


misha's mum said...

ahhh .. a Hunan restaurant?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo....the food is delicious!

Sweetpea said...

merry christmas and happy new year :)