Monday, December 24, 2007

It doesn't look like it is a Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve, but gosh, i really can't feel the atmosphere until i read the blogs. Yeah, the blogs remind me that Christmas is almost here. My man even needs to work today as well as tomorrow, don't mention work as he has his football match at Christmas night also. No, no, you didn't read it wrong. So, means i do not have great Christmas holiday, no Christmas buffet, and maybe no Christmas present! :(

That's why i was so envy when my friend told me that she is going to have Romantic Getaway with her hubby. I felt extremely sad here, i do hope i can have a great and romantic getaway to Bali, i even checked out the Bali's details with the local travel agent a month back, at first my man still confirmed me that he could get his holiday and we could go Bali, and now everything is becoming bubble. Romantic? Sigh, what romantic trip i can have? He then consoled me that maybe we can go far a bit, like going to have Romantic Getaways in Mauritius or Romantic Getaways to St Lucia on next Valentines day.

Actually, if he prefers to go far a bit, then i will prefer to go to Paris since i was told that Paris is the most romantic place in Europe. So, really not harm to go there to have our second honeymoon again. :) Some more, it is very easy to get reasonable accommodation price if we book our holiday room with, which the holiday rentals website has over 45000 properties to chose from worldwide.

Just hope he won't make my hope into bubble again!


misha's mum said...

Merry Christmas to you and your fantastic family :)

eastcoastlife said...

Merry Christmas! I'm sure he would make it up in other ways. :)

The New Parent said...

Hi H--Happy Holidays to you and yours (smile)!