Sunday, December 09, 2007

Buying home in North Carolina

Yesterday i had a good shopping in LV shop with my hubby, i was so tempted to spend few thousand of US dollar on those stunning bags. Of course i didn't buy any as it's really heartache to spend the money on those luxury bags, some more, hubby also said that's too expensive. I knew hubby would willing to pay for me if i really wanted to buy, but i think i better save the money and use the money for other purposes, especially for property investment.

Actually, hubby has been planning to migrate to North Carolina as he said there is the good place for escaping the busiest city life as well as can have good education for his loved sons. Well, as a wife i think i better don't burn the big hole on hubby's wallet and let's invest one or two homes in North Carolina. We have 2 sons, as a parents, i think we better to invest two home instead of one as one can for my No.1 and the second one can for my No.2. We are both from very conservative families, meant father is always prepared well for his kids. That's why it is really not weird to see my hubby buys 2 homes at the same time provided we have enough savings to do so.
Speaking to the property, hubby has always been doting on a house which the house is located on breathtaking open space with lakeside and gated area, so he would prefer the Hidden Lake more than other patterns. There are having a complete line of new NC homes for sale, if you are also keen to invest one, do drop by to for more information. Who knows you will be my neighbors one day?!

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