Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can't swim during Winter

My boy said he wants to go swimming, gosh, it's Winter now and our swimming pool down stair has closed and only reopen during next May. Perhaps i can bring him to indoor swimming pool, but it is too far away from my house that's why i really prefer to stick at home or just bring him cycling in the park.

Speaking to the swimming pool, our management down stair is going to remodel the swimming pool after receiving several severe complaints from residents. Be frankly, i always not trust the contractors here as i have been hearing a lot of bad stories about how the contractors cheating on the renovation raw materials. I really hope that they can hire someone who can as professional as arizona swimming pool contractors. I was even told that their business is family owned and operated which has been over 29 years in helping people to remodel and construct swimming pool. Plus, they builds 200 to 300 pools a year and provide great customer service for people by using the best materials for high quality pool construction.

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