Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another platinum credit card for me

Did i tell you that i never have my own applied credit card? When i first working on year 2002, i wished i could have a credit card but i wasn't qualified to apply one since my salary was RM1500 only. Then till i was qualified, i didn't go for it too as my man has given me a platinum card. So if you were me, would you still go to apply a plastic card for yourself? Definitely no, isn't it. Recently, my man not that happy as he said i have been using his money like using water. But he still very lovely as he is thinking to get me another platinum card after he browse the CardFusion dot com, which is the credit card portal to provide best credit cards to people. So, does he mean that i can use even more? If yes, i really don't mind to help him to search for the card since CardFusion dot com has more than 100 different cards for user to do comparison and apply through online.

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