Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mini Calla Lilies

Do you know what is my favorite flower? Please, don't say is rose, ok? I dislike rose as rose is too vulgar due to its common existent. Actually i like mini calla lilies, never heard of it? Well, it is a flower something like calla lilies, but this mini calla lilies are available in many colors, personally, i like the purple color most. Flower in purple color is seldom be seen in our country, so i guess my best friend will be thrilling if she receives purple mini calla lilies from me on her wedding day. I have checked out the FiftyFlowers dot com, i will order the flower from them due to their good service provided. They use FedEx to send out the flowers which the flowers are expressed from the flower farms, where they are fresh cut too. They also accept international order, and ensure the flowers are sent decently to the doorstep of the bride. So, other than other wedding present, i think this mini calla will be the best wedding gift for my best friend.

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