Thursday, December 20, 2007

Supporting my sister

Joining the trend of blogging for money is no longer a green topic to be discussed, 90% of my online friends have been joining this trend, see, that's the power of money. :) Some blog for paying bills, some blog for extra savings, some blog for own satisfaction and some blog for buying luxe items. As for me, i don't have to pay any bills but i need money for supporting my sister who is going to University next year.

My sister was just finished her SPM and UEC exam this December, and she is going to pursue her study in Chicago. Why Chicago? This is because my youngest uncle is staying there, so that my sister can stay at his home and one of my cousin is same age as my sister too, therefore, both of them can go to
Chicago College together.

My sister personally loves the environment of
Illinois College too due to its educationally and recreationally atmosphere. At there, they have four campus locations which included the DuPage campus, Chicago Loop campus, O'Hare Airport campus and River Oaks campus. And, students are allowed to choose from several degree programs within four advanced institutes, which are Institute of Design, Institute of Technology, Institute of Business and Institute of Criminal Justice. As for my sister, she has been thinking to study Computer Science, so the Institute of Technology is definitely suitable for her.

Westwood take pride in providing a good academic to students, so i believe my sister will truly enjoy herself during her days in Westwood. What i need to do now is, work hard for my sister. :)

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