Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Buy a new car here?

My man is planning to buy a car here, if i were him, i will prefer to save the money in bank since we are not going to stay here permanently. Though we can sell out the car when we are moving back to our home country, but selling off the car sure will lost the money due to the depreciation as well. In this case, i really prefer to use the money in another way, perhaps buy more shares or mutual fund. However, my man thinks opposite, other than new car, he said he can take used car too. That's right of course, but he has make sure the used car he found can as good as the used cars Austin. I was told that the people who staying in Austin, Texas area can search online and find their desired good quality used car through their huge inventory. If really can find a quality used car, then i will just let him buy it since i also hope we can have our own transport here.

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