Friday, December 07, 2007

Premier accommodation in Dubai

Hubby's cousin has been working in Dubai since year 2005, he would tell us about all the fascinating life in Dubai every time he is back. Dubai, is the most famous tourist destination, that's why i totally couldn't believe when hubby's cousin told me actually Dubai was a desert sandstorms a few decades ago. I believe no one can believe too once you have seen this surreal modern and developed city by yourself. Undoubtedly, the Burj Al Arab is the most catching hotel for tourists, its height is 321 metres and it is the highest hotel as well as is the finest hotel in the world. Apart from the highest hotel, it is not weird to get thrilled when seeing those mysterious deserts and sand dunes in Dubai.

If you are planning to vacation to Dubai, i can share you some experiences that given by my hubby's cousin. The best advice to have your accommodation in Dubai is those dubai apartments with fully furnished, as for me, i would like to have apartment over hotel most of the time, that's why service apartment is always my main choice when comes to traveling. Of course, you can always opt for the dubai hotels if you are rich enough to pay the whopping expensive price.

Despite Dubai apartment or Dubai Hotels, you can always book your desired accommodation at Dubai Apartments is an online short term rental portal that connects tourists with owners of Dubai furnished apartments and dubai hotel apartments. Via their site, it is not difficult to find a complete line of accommodations, from luxuries, high-end Dubai apartments and short term rentals to Dubai accommodation for the more budget conscious. Plus, you can find extremely user-friendly site that even make easy to your accommodation booking.

Do bookmark, you definitely need this when comes to vacation to Dubai. I have bookmarked it, how about you? If you are really have vacation to Dubai, please don't forget to tell me how fascinating of this palm-shaped artificial island when you are back.

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