Friday, December 28, 2007

My new interest ~ knitting

Oh gosh, today is almost ended, and now i only able to blog. I really lost my blogging momentum lately, why ar? Maybe due to the dropped PR? Or, due to the holiday seasons? Or, due to the PSP, or just due to i found a new interest?

Yeah, i have a new interest now, and today i spent a whole afternoon in a knit shop to learn how to do knitting! I had been talking that i wanted to learn knitting since i was 14, finally fulfilled it and i also got myself this too : -

yarn + needles = RMB18 (RM9, worth?)

I am addicted to knitting now, though it is quite frustrating as i keep forgetting the steps even though i am doing the most simple style. Am i too stupid? You know, the way i knit like doing math as it's like memorizing the formula, now is up loop, later is down loop...wah, having said so, knitting doesn't as simple as i thought! Knitting the first row is still okay, but i keep forgetting how to knit the second row, so just no need to mention the third, fourth and so on rows. :(

I have been knitting the scarf once i back from the shop, my maid (who is expert in knitting) continued teaching me to knit the so forth rows, i knit till i forgot that i needed to trim my hair as tomorrow morning i have a function to go. Oh boy, what to do now? My man said maybe i can use the Wigs that i bought last Summer, emm...maybe i really have to put the wig on, actually i also believed that i will look more prettier with the wig more than with my original shaggy hair. :)


L B said...

Aha! Then you should visit Samm's Knitwear Blog!! Go on, say hello..

Michelle said...

i love to knit too. learned that when i was in form 5 from a friend but i hv forgotten how now.

would love to knit again if i can find time for it. :)