Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maid story

My maid really can sleep, even sleep more than me. Maybe i am too kind to her, she went in her room just now around 1+pm and i guess she is still sleeping inside, some more she didn't mop the floor this morning. Now almost 4+pm, she supposed to prepare the dinner, but i don't have heart to knock her door and wake her up, maybe she is not feeling well today? Only she knows the reason.

Share you a yummy dish, steam fish head with fermented black beans.


misha's mum said...

nice nice dish!

Deana E said...

ha ha my part time maid is so slow....aiya where can we find better maid?

L B said...

You're very considerate. Sometimes, we just need to throw some slack to others, eh? Maid or not maid..