Thursday, December 20, 2007

Riviera Maya

I seldom go travel as my man is just too busy and he is not able to spare extra time for family traveling, but he himself has always been traveling these days. Yeah, that's year end, like previous year, he always has heavy traveling when comes to year end. That's his job, cannot complain, right?

He was just back from Mexico, actually his job sounds so exciting for me though he needs to travel quite often. Just like this Mexico trip, i think everyone would only stare green with envy when you got to know that he was staying in Karisma Hotel during his 10 days in Mexico. I was even told that there has a Hidden Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, oh, dear, i hope my man didn't indulge himself there, if he really wants then better wait for me first, maybe we can have our second honeymoon there?! As for the nudist concept, so sorry, it is really not suitable for me. But for those scrumptious meals, yeah, i love it!

So, my honey, when we can go there? Are you willing to spend for the Riviera Maya trip?

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