Monday, December 31, 2007

He wants to buy car

My man is thinking to buy car here, be frankly sometimes i also wish we can have our own transport, at least it is very convenient for us to go out. Like recently, the weather is very cold, we wish to go out so that we could join some season celebration, but due to no own transport and the cold wind, we have refrained ourself to go out. We adult still can stand the cold wind, but we just worrying about our little kids especially my small baby. He definitely can't stand the strong wind.

The mind of buying car is easy, what to worry here is just maybe we need a bit time to adapt the road since we used to hold the steering at right hand side instead of left hand side. And, we need to find out the car loans rate here. Getting a reasonable and affordable auto loan has never been easier, but with the advent of technology, it does simplify our life, at least we do not need to hunt for the rates offered by different financial institutions one by one, we can just simply stay at home and browse through the internet and we can get our desired information with simple few clicks.

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