Friday, December 21, 2007

Bubblenated my photos

I want to buy another external hard disk, well, maybe this will be my Christmas present that i am going to buy for myself. Having all the kids' photos saving in one hard disk really feel like unsecure, what if there all gone one day? I don't have other back up, that's why i really don't want to take risk since i have tonne of photos inside the WD hard disk. It is wise to have another backup copy, right?

Just like recently, you really don't know how havoc when my notebook is being infected by virus, scanned this and that around the clock but just couldn't rescue some important files. Due to this reason, i certainly want another external hard disk for my photos sake.

All the while i like to add some patterns or designs to my kids' photo, but since my notebook still in "hospital" (due to the virus) and my hubby's notebook doesn't has Photoshop software, so i only able to upload a plain photo in my kids' blog. Friend of mine sent a text message to me and asked what has been happened as she felt weird why she didn't see me online these few days and why the uploaded photos are the photos without any design. Actually, i got online, just i able to online at night by using hubby's notebook.

This early morning i received the text message from my friend again, she said perhaps i can try
The Bubblenator, it allows me to add speech bubbles onto my photos. It is fun and easy, just load in the picture, then i can place up to three bubbles onto the picture in my desired sizes as well as i can add some text inside the bubbles. After that, just copy the HTML code into my blog. Ya, i need this, i need to inform my friends that i won't be able to update my kids' blog and i won't be able to do any blog hop till my notebook discharges from "hospital".

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L B said...

Yeah, backup, backup, backup... Hard drive failures are going to happen.. It's not if, but when.

Get well soon, laptop...