Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am addicted to CHEESE

Most of my friends got knew that i like to eat anything with cheese, so this holiday season one of my friend was very kind enough to treat me a nice Boxing Day's lunch to a grand Italy restaurant in Hong Kong. We had spaghetti with a lot of creamy cheese, a roast potato with cheese and pizza. See, how much high calories food i have been eating during this hilarious holiday?!

On the way back from Hong Kong, i bought few packs of Ritz cheese sandwiches crazily again, my friend said i am really addicted to cheese, yeah, i admit that i like cheese, but i don't think this is called addiction. Cheese at least is healthy for consumption, it even good for supplying calcium and give us a health bones, so don't you think that cheese is really better than alcohol and drug. We only heard that people who are severely addicted to drug or alcohol must be sent to Drug Rehab center for Drug treatment, as for me, i am just a mild eater who love cheese, so i don't think drug rehab center is suitable for me. LOL

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