Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve dinner

This year is special year for me as i am a mother of 2 now, i feel blessed to have 2 lovely boys who always cheeky and happy. Though i look more older now, it is worth to give birth to them and nurture them. As for myself, never mind, i will make sure my hubby spend me to beauty center. :)

Look back the photos which taken during Christmas on year 2005 and 2006, gosh, i really look more older this year, perhaps i am so deprived of good sleep? Or, is it due to i am still breastfeeding? I heard many people said breastfeeding mother tends to look more older, is it correct?

Let's share with you how we celebrated our Christmas. On Christmas eve, we went to steak house about 8+pm after hubby went back from his basketball match. Actually hubby not familiar with the place too, he was there before but just couldn't remember the exact location of the steak house, what a relief that we finally found the shop, which gorgeously decked with Christmas lightings and Christmas tree. As for their waiters and waitresses, yeah, they all looked like angels!

Let's share you some mouth-watering pictures : -
All these foods were a set served for 1 person (only RMB168/set), yeah, it's a lot and i was stuffed with the foods!

The set including a plate of spaghetti too (didn't take the photo), so this set of food was really worth to pay. The foods served were scrumptious, the ambiance there was very Christmassy too. I like their decorations and so happened to know that their Wine Racks also imported from The Vine Store. Do you know why i said "so happened"? This is because my house has the same wine racks as exactly as the steak house, and some more, i also purchased the wine racks from The Vine Store. Seems like we all have same taste. Don't you agree? :)

Last, wish you all Happy Boxing Day!


L B said...

I squint squint, but still cannot see any pics!! :-) Happy Boxing Day, dear huisia! :-) Lots of LOVE!

huisia said...

LB - Emm...yalo, don't know where's the photos gone?! Never mind, i upload them again!