Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Party

I just said it for fun and never thought that those HongKies were quite serious upon hearing my plans. Over the week, i suggested that maybe we could organize a simple Christmas party since having buffet on Christmas day really not worth to pay for it, you know, it needs RMB400/pax (roughly RM200) at the noble hotel here, so i would rather opt for a simple party in my home. Those HongKies are very keen to join us, they even started to plan how to cook the turkey, gosh, i just said said only, but if really want to have party, please don't do it in my home, i hate messy and i hate to clean up the messy. If really want the part, can just do it in their home since their unit is much more bigger than my unit.

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Jesslyn said... next time u still have to think twice before say say only!